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Discover how good wheat can be

GoodWheat™ is a line of Non-GMO proprietary wheat varieties, all naturally high in nutrients with incredible taste & texture.

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Americans get an average of one-quarter or 500 calories per day from wheat, and according to the United Nations, bread wheat accounts for 20% of the human diet globally. Yes, we love wheat.

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Uncover the benefits of GLA

SONOVA® 400 GLA Safflower Oil, is an omega-6 fatty acid found in only a handful of plant-based oils, such as borage, evening primrose, black currant and now GLA safflower.

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Green and Red Safflowers
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Although the human body can produce GLA, aging and a number of dietary, wellness, and lifestyle factors may inhibit the body’s ability to produce enough GLA to achieve optimum health. As a result, supplementation with a good source of GLA goes a long way in restoring the balance of important fats our bodies need. GLA plays a beneficial role in such areas as women’s health, skin health and radiance, weight maintenance, and general well-being.